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Hello Okemos Families,

It is that time of year again.  We invite your son to try out for an Okemos Baseball Club team for the 2020 season.  Please visit for dates, times, and registration details for tryouts. Similar to last year, we will assign players to teams based upon grade level when possible.  If your child is too old to play with their classmates, or there are not enough players to comprise a complete team from one grade level, we will do our best to place players on an appropriate team through the combination of players across age groups.  You will notice in the below grade/age-groupings that the U8, U9, and U10 age divisions have a later cutoff date than the older age divisions.  This is the result of a national change in age divisions dictated by the Pony organization. Instead of making the change all at once, our local league decided to grandfather the older age groups in, and began implementing this age rule two years ago with the U8 division, with that age grouping remaining in effect for all new age groups that enter the league until they are in full compliance in 5 years. For more details on this change, please see


Tryout dates and times are as follows:

Monday, September 9 from 6pm to 8pm: U10 (Chippewa B) & U13 (Chippewa A)

Tuesday, September 10 from 6pm to 8pm: U8 and U9 (Chippewa B) & U14 (Chippewa A)

Wednesday, September 11 from 6pm to 8pm: U11 (Chippewa B) & U12 (Chippewa A)

Sunday, September 15 from 1pm to 3pm: Make-up date for all age groups


For your reference here's information on the age/grade divisions so you can target the appropriate tryout date, keeping in mind we will assign players based on their grade when possible:

U8: 1st or 2nd Graders not turning 9 prior to August 31, 2020

U9: 3rd Graders not turning 10 prior to August 31, 2020

U10: 4th Graders not turning 11 prior to August 31, 2020

U11: 5th Graders not turning 12 prior to May 1, 2020

U12: 6th Graders not turning 13 prior to May 1, 2020

U13: 7th Graders not turning 14 prior to May 1, 2020

U14: 8th Graders not turning 15 prior to May 1, 2020


Please pass along to families that you feel would be interested.



Okemos Baseball Club

Welcome to the Okemos Baseball Club

Okemos Baseball Club (OBC) participants gain valuable skills that foster positive attitudes, build self-esteem, create positive relationships, and develop lifelong skills that will serve as a vehicle to enhance total growth and development.

The OBC is a domestic non-profit corporation made up of volunteer members who wish to develop and promote youth baseball in the greater Okemos community.

Congrats to the Okemos U14 Maroon for the tournament win!


May 29th - 31st 2020

This is a community based tournament that is focused on providing a tournament experience for teams in divisions C and below among even age groups and B division teams in odd age groups.  That is, the tournament is not for travel teams or teams that are in the upper divisions in most leagues.

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all players and families/fans attending the event.

Positive Attitudes - Strong Work Ethic - Team Environment - Good Sportsmanship - Fundamentals

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